Lender Box was created to help Business owners and Entrepreneur’s have other options for funding their projects. Sometimes banks don’t see what private investors see, and with our knowledge even banks don’t see. We have been known for closing deals after the same bank or investor has turned down the deal prior .This should tell you about our reputation, and this why we decided to put our 30 years of contacts into Lender-Box.

Borrowers get fed up of being turn down after 2 months by banks and investors after gathering the documents requested, so give us the chance & let’s see how we can help you prosper in your business ventures with our vast knowledge and experience in the Financial & Advisory industry, we deal with over 50 banks & private lenders and still growing.

Allow us to be the problem solvers for your funding request.

The founders of lender box have a wide range of investors & lenders that are portfolio managers around the US, UK and around the world and we have been in business since 1977. We believe based on providing proper organization of documents and our creative underwriting we can push your Funding request.

We Provide Commercial loans against, Land, Buildings & Businesses between $250,000 to 250 Million.

We have Funded, Sold & Joint Venture on property projects mentioned below.

Office Buildings
Retail Business
Hotels & Motels
Land & Development Projects
Discounted Notes
Gas stations & Truck Stops
Doctors Medical Facilities
Day Care centers
Multi-use development
Management companies

We believe that as long as you have equity or value add captured in your company, we feel we can assist in the job to get done based on our knowledge and contacts, and just by providing us your property or company address, we are able to give you quick answers on offers that can be attained.

We offer Bankable & investor related rates & terms. But if we can not get it done we believe no one can. Our knowledge and expertise is second to none in the industry.

Some of the programs consist of the following for purchase, refinance, construction, expansion & elite introductions.

Bank, USDA & SBA loans- 350k – 15m
Private Capital loan – no limited
Working Capital 50k-100k
FF&E loans 350k- 2m
Institutional capital Debt & Equity- 20m +
Preferred equity -500k no limit
Hotel & Resort Management services 

Sale Leaseback

"The Lender Box mission is to provide the most authentic, top quality experience for our clients. people like you who wish to receive capital or loans.“