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    What Are The Funds Going To Be Used For?

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    we are inventive and unqiue in our approach to lending

    Lender-Box brings a Unique skill & mind set for creativity to every loan & real estate request. We leverage Over 6 decades of experience to secure Loans, Joint Venture & Equity for all purposes and companies of all sizes. Till date our Advisors and Management companies have Serviced and closed over $1.5 billion in loans.  Our Relations are second to none in the industry and are First Class, Fund & Portfolio Managers around the world with banks and Private Institutes with friends and family Private offices.

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    International property types

    Our operation facilitates a global reach for properties like hotels, apartments, land & developments, multi-unit development, retail locations, manufacturing, and more.

    Loan amounts that can cover any project

    Regardless of how ambitious your project is - we can secure the funds you need. With our private lending potential, we routinely acquire loans for $500,000 to $250 million.

    Flexible terms & conditions

    Our terms can run anywhere from 1-10 years. We also offer extension options and build custom plans depending on your long terms goal and financial planning.

    Unmatched interest rates

    Although most lenders provide different rates depending on the loan criteria among a series of other factors, we usually land somewhere from 4.5%-10.00%.

    LTV & Fees

    LTV goes up to 50%-90%, and fees can range from 1%-3% depending on factors like complexity and project speed.

    peak lending power

    We have a cadre of lenders we like to utilize including banks, private equity & debt providers, individual investors.

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