Companies we have partnered with

In this industry, you are only as good as your colleagues and clientele. As you can see, we have worked markedly large deals for our brand partners. Examine the details of some of our closings below. 

Courtyard by marriott

Loan Amount:17.0M  Construction to Permanent Loan 27 years 80% LTC
Purpose: Courtyard By Marriott Construction 
Property Type: Hotel 136 Rooms 

Double Tree Real Estate Sale

Sale Amounts: 26M 
Purpose : Receivership Sale 
Property type – 250 Room Hotel 

UPS Store Business

Loan amount:  455K
Purpose : Purchase 
Property Type – Leasehold Business

Movie Theatre

Loan amount:  2.4M 
Purpose : Refinance Conventional 4.5%
Property Type – Movie Theatre

Raceway Conversion

Loan amount 1.6M 
Purpose : Purchase 5.54% Fixed
Property Type: Gas Station

Fairfield Inn Conversion into Suites

Loan amount 8.2M
Purpose – 88% LTC conversion 
Property Type: Hotel Expansion Purchase 

Banks 100 Loan Portfolio Default loans

Loan Amount: 60M Portfolio Discounted to 45M
Purpose – Restructure borrowers and lenders Debt
Property Type- Defaulted Gas Stations, Hotels and Office buildings

Wingate Inn

Loan amount 7.2M 
Purpose – CMBS Cash out 
Property Type – Hotel 

More Closings

Loan amount: 5M 
Purpose: Construction to Permanent
Property Type: Hotel
Loan Amount: Bridge Loan 9.5M + Exit loan of 11M USDA
Purpose: Construction + Permanent 
Property Type: Hotel 84 Rooms
Loan Amount:17.0M  Construction to Permanent Loan 27 years 80% LTC
Purpose: Courtyard By Marriott Construction 
Property Type: Hotel 136 Rooms 
Loan Amount : 19M – 504 with Private 1st Mtg lender 
Purpose: Fairfield Inn & Towneplace Suites Construction
 Property Type; Hotel 190 Rooms 
Loan Amount : 23 M – Conventional bank loans
Purpose: Sunoco Gas Station Purchases
Property Type: 28 Gas Station
Loan amount ; 22M  Private Bridge loan
Bridge loan due to deal line to close
Property Type; Land Funding bridge 12 months
Loan amount: 3.6M Private loan
Purpose- Purchase of Negative cash flow Hotel
Property Type Dual brand hotel Conversion
Loan amounts: 16M 
Purpose: 24 Gas station purchase 
Property Type – Portfolio Gas Station 
loan amount: 4M
Purpose – Refinance 
Property type: Boutique Hotel 
Loan amount: 9M 
Purpose : Cash out Refinance 
Property Type- Hotel
Loan Amount: 260K
Purpose- Purchase of Business 
Business Type : Liquor Store 
Loan amount : 980K + 250k
Purpose- Cash out refinance for Liquor Store Purchase
Property Type: Gas Station + Liquor Store Real estate
Sale Price: 4M 
Purpose: Real Estate Sale 
Property Type: 150 Room Hotel
Sale Price : 3.25M
Loan amount : 2.275M
Purpose ; Purchase & Loan
Property Type: Hotel & Loan Private 
Loan amount: 1M 
Purpose: Partnership Buyout 7A
Property Type: Motel 
Loan amount: 1.3M 5.5% 5 years
Purpose – Refinance loan
Property Type – 11 Strip Center 
Advisory of Price Allocation: 4M 
Purpose – Advisory
Property Type – Hotel
Loan amount: 550K 
Purpose: Refinance Bank to Private loan 8.75%
Property Type: Motel
Loan amount $550,000
Purpose : Note Discount
Property Type: Motel
Loan amount $720,000
Purpose: Refinance Expansion Gas tanks 
Property: Gas Station Supermarket
Loan amount: 725K
Purpose: 85% LTC Home Purchase
Property; Home
Loan amount; 980k
Purpose: 87% Purchase 
Property: Repair Shop
Loan amount: 100k 
Purpose; Line of Credit
Business- Lease 
Loan amount: 1.3M
Purpose: Startup Hotel Supplies 
Property- Business Condo 3 Units
Loan amount: 1.3M 12 months Bridge
Purpose: Working Capital 
Property- Apartment 
Loan amount: 1.3M
Purpose: Cash out 
Property Car Wash Self Serve
Loan amount 600k
Propose: Cash out Working capital 
Property- Land & Building